Minimizing 30-year carbon emissions: a project roadmap

The big top-line goal: retrofit my 150-year-old house to minimize carbon emissions over the next 30 years, including the upfront carbon of the new building materials and the carbon emissions from operating the home. The solution also needs to be cost-effective. While not part of the top-line goal per se, I do have a budget; […]

Can one house foster systemic change?

A lot needs to change in order to retrofit single-family homes at scale. Contractors must be trained on new ways of doing things. Products need to become more readily available, or available in new geographies. Local policies need to support (rather than hinder) the effort. The real estate market needs to learn how to value […]

Project goals — and why this matters

We as a society — as a species — are well on our way toward climate catastrophe. To avoid the worst-case scenarios we need to drop worldwide greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Retrofitting existing buildings is a crucial part of meeting that challenge. Buildings are responsible for 40% of wordwide greenhouse gas emissions; […]