2 Houses, 1 Goal:
A Cost-Effective Deep Energy Retrofit

Retrofitting two ~150-year-old brick row houses
to combat climate change

The challenge: cost-effectively retrofit a pair of ~150-year-old brick homes to dramatically reduce their energy use and carbon emissions — and at the same time, adapt to the coming century, recognizing the unavoidable climate disruptions that are already headed our way.

This blog documents the process of designing & constructing two Deep Energy Retrofits in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s jointly run by the homeowners, one of whom (Carl) also works at the firm that’s doing the design work on both projects, Sol Design + Consulting.

Join us as we work to make our two homes some of the most sustainable in Cincinnati — and hopefully create a model others can replicate.

Casey’s House

Making an 1895 home one of the greenest in the city.

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